Poet Cornered 1

Poet Cornered No. 1

Driven into a corner by Lucy, wielding a paintbrush, I have agreed to write an occasional, short poetry blog. Occasional may become regular or it may drift into sporadic. We shall see. This is number 1.

When my daughter was married a couple of years ago, being a poet, I thought I should include a poem in my Father-of-the-Bride speech. Rummaging around in my memory and then my bookshelves for suitable upbeat candidates proved disappointing because the likely poems always seemed to have a slightly pessimistic, and occasionally downright hostile, attitude to marriage. Marriages didn't last - and if they did it was with unacceptable amounts of compromise - partners were disappointing for myriad reasons, or someone nicer, better-looking or sexier turned up and ruined it all. Not what I was looking for.

I never found the right poem and in the end wrote one myself which was light and optimistic, and didn't send us all into a deep despair. I also wrote this poem on the difficulty of finding the right poem for a wedding. 



 Don't worry, I didn't read that one at the wedding! The poem I wrote for my daughter and my future son-in-law was this one. If anyone would like to use it at a wedding I'd be delighted - but with an attribution, please.