About Us


   Lucy Creed                      Bryn Dineen                    Trevor Parsons

Poet and Painter is a flourishing contemporary greetings card publisher based in England, on the outskirts of the heritage city of Bath.

Our Story
Award winning artist Lucy Creed established Poet and Painter in 2015 to showcase her artwork as greetings cards, featuring humorous verse written by her good friend and popular British poet Trevor Parsons.

The hand-penned drawing and wordplay were an instant success, and Lucy went on to develop the brand to include more of her own humour and bold illustration. In 2017 Lucy was joined by her old art school sidekick and wordplay aficionado Bryn Dineen, and they quickly discovered that the combination of Lucy’s twitching paintbrush with Bryn’s break speed wit created something special. Their shared love of visual arts and an untethered approach to creativity has earned Poet and Painter the privilege of working with some of the UK’s most innovative and respected brands and industry individuals.

  “Love, warmth and communication are the touchstones that make us who we are. We aim to be high in wit and low in cheese. Keeping things funny, empathic and relevant in a world where, reaching out to those we love with positive messaging and humour is as vital now as it ever was. “

UK and Export
Cards are stocked in many of the leading high street shops, galleries, museums and online stores as well as hundreds of independent retailers across the UK. National stockists include Paperchase, Scribbler, Fenwick, Turner Contemporary and The People’s History Museum.

Overseas cards are sold across US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Environmental Commitment and Values

At Poet and Painter we are ever conscious of the impact on the environment of printing and all associated industries. 
Our paper products  and supplies have been selected for their quality and green credentials, and we are always striving to improve on delivering sustainably sourced, high quality products. We use local suppliers wherever possible and we believe strongly in forging trusting relationships with all of our customers and suppliers. We try to provide the best possible quality and service in every situation.
M: 07779 064894