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Poet and Painter designs are created by artist Lucy Creed with popular poet Trevor Parsons.


Trevor Parsons has been writing poetry for over twenty years, his work is published in numerous popular anthologies alongside poets like Roger McGough, Benjamin Zephaniah, and even Jonathan Swift. His writing covers a plethora of subjects, from dinosaurs and endangered species to searching for love on the internet. Read more about Trevor by clicking here

Lucy Creed is a popular artist and as a voracious sketcher she has always loved to document everything and everyone around her in her drawings. Lucy's illustrations naturally capture the subtleties of narrative and humour as she shares her love of wordplay with the reader .

Trevor and Lucy met in 2008 whilst working together at a model making company and they instantly became great friends, sharing a love of words and generally laughing at each other. They spent their lunchtimes desperately trying to complete cryptic crosswords, and it quickly became clear that Trevor would always be a natural wordsmith and Lucy should stick to drawing.

In 2011 they released their first creative collaboration, the sell-out book ‘Hear Here!’, a collection of Trevor’s wonderful poems, with Lucy's lively illustrations.

It was immediately clear the combination of Trevor's words and Lucy's drawing created something special. Keen to give their creative collaboration the chance to shine beyond the bookshelf, in 2015 they launched Poet and Painter.

Bryn Dineen joined the Poet and Painter studio in 2017, having been co-erced, cajoled and bribed by Lucy to become part of the creative team. Bryn originally trained as a sculptor, but she has always had an equal affinity with language and words. Known to her family as 'Pedantington Bear', she has a genuine fascination with vocabulary, grammar and word play. Bryn shares our delight in twisting words and pictures to create something new, irreverent, and ideally, snortingly funny. The output of laughter from the studio since Bryn joined has literally tripled (although the productivity has arguably halved.)

Poet and Painter's following continues to grow every month with buyers thrilled to find designs which are funny, well-considered and sometimes moving, that they can share with their friends through the humble greetings card.


 Poet and Painter are delighted to supply museums, galleries, heritage centres, universities, independent retailers and bookshops throughout the UK, and overseas in USA, Australia and New Zealand.


Environmental Commitment and Values

At Poet and Painter we are ever conscious of the impact on the environment of printing and all associated industries. 
Our paper products  and supplies have been selected for their quality and green credentials, and we are always striving to improve on delivering sustainably sourced, high quality products. We use local suppliers wherever possible and we believe strongly in forging trusting relationships with all of our customers and suppliers. We try to provide the best possible quality and service in every situation.
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